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Watchmen: The Series – New Trailer

Should he be dead, would Alan Moore be spinning in his grave right now?

Damon Lindelof and his crew, are currently creating a new show, which is something. It is based on? Is a sequel to? A prequel to? Or, in their words, a REMIX, of the original source material.

A comic book that will go down in history as an epithet of its time. A tome so emboldened in its ideals, its truths, its emotions, that it could never be adapted (we don’t actually hate the Snyder version) – that it could be laid bare on cinematic film.

Yet – they are going to give it a go. Whether Alan Moore has given his blessing or not (Spoiler – he hasn’t), this show is happening.

So. They say that they do not want to mess with the original Watchmen lore in any way. This is its own thing.

Ok. But how can it be its own thing when you have someone like Doctor Manhattan? Or is that the bell that swings both ways? Is Manhattan the reason that this show can exist?

It’s up to you, dear reader, to decide….. here’s the trailer.