COVID-19: Please be aware that due to the current pandemic, orders may take slightly longer than normal to arrive. Thanks for your patience – stay safe!

UK Shipping

Many retailers would normally charge shipping in a couple of different ways.

The first would be to offer free shipping, and incorporate shipping costs into the price of each item. Where this sounds great, as shipping would be free, the extra added into each item adds up if you buy multiple items, which results in customers buying ‘bulk’ paying much more than they should.

The second, is to apply large postage costs that will encompass all possible orders. This is detrimental to a customer who wishes to only purchase one or two items at a time.

To combat this, and to try and keep things as simple, and as cheap, as possible for our customers, we have kept our shipping rates to a few basic weight based tiers. These are as follows:

  • Up to 1kg weight, shipping will be £3.90
  • Between 1kg and 2kg, the price will be £4.90
  • Between 2kg and 5kg, we charge £12.25
  • Between 5kg and 10kg, we charge £14.90
  • And 10kg to 15 kg, shipping shall be £21.60

ALL orders are sent Signed For for security – be it via Royal Mail, ParcelForce or DPD. Wewill ner use MyHermes or Yodel!

For anything over 15kg, please get in touch to discuss the best and cheapest way to transport your purchases to you!


International Orders

If you are interested in purchasing from our store, but live outside the UK, please send us a quick message using our contact form, letting us know what you would like to order, and where you live, and we will figure out the best method of getting your delivery to you, as fast and as affordably as we can!


Free Shipping!

Yes, you heard that right. On orders of £100 and above, we won’t charge you a penny in shipping rates. This only applies to shipping throughout the UK.



We always pack securely and safely. We are no strangers to the horrible moment of finding a delivery on your doorstep, mangled beyond belief. Who sends a key comic unprotected in a “Please do not bend” envelope?!?


So – when sending out our products, this is how we pack:



All of our comics are send bagged and boarded to start. They are then wrapped in paper.

Then, they shall either be sent in dedicated comic mailers – the twist mailer type – which are taped up securely and safely, with parcel  tape.

If they are not sent in mailers, they shall be sent securely fastened between two thick pieces of cardboard (both pieces of cardboard orientated against each other), specifically cut to be larger than the comics themselves. This cardboard package is then slipped safely into a good quality padded jiffy bag, taped securely, and again, marked with fragile tape and DO NOT BEND.



The first thing we do is wrap our toys to an inch of their lives in bubble wrap. Seriously, you’d need Wolverine’s claws to get into these.

Then, they are placed into a brand new mailing box, which provides plenty of room around their bubble-wrapped form for us to pack in as much of our local free newspaper, scrunched up. as we can.

Finally, the box is sealed up using packaging tape, all around to ensure no tearage to the tape.

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