The once thought dead Fuggler line seems to have new life, thanks to leaked images on social media.

For a while now we have been hearing rumours on social media that Spinmaster, the owners of the Fuggler brand, may have been bought by the UK toy store, The Entertainer.

The Entertainer have long been the go-to destination for Fuggler hunters. The UK’s number one toy retailer promoted the brand extensively in 2019 and into 2020, with fans of the ugly/cute critters going to great lengths to get their hands on hard to find Fuggs, and exclusives.

Unfortunately, the official Fuggler site released an update to their site in late 2019, saying goodbye to fans – they weren’t going to be making any more! This sent fans into a frenzy to get every last one before they were all gone.

But, it looks like fans’ grief may have been a little premature, as the rumours of The Entertainer buying the brand, and possibly releasing brand new Fugglers, may have been more than rumours!

Thanks to eagle eyed shoppers, who have shared screen shots to social media, The Entertainer ‘accidentally’ published listings on their website for SIX new limited edition Fugglers, before quickly removing the listings from their live site.

This may have been a complete accident on the website managers’ part, or it could have been a savvy marketing ploy to drum up excitement for new releases, but either way, it has us very hyped!

You can see images of the six exclusive Fugglers below. They seem to be reworkings of existing Fuggs, but with colours changed, or extra features added, but at least it shows that they are willing to release new characters.

The new characters are named:

  • Limited Edition Annoyed Alien
  • Limited Edition Rabid Rabbit
  • Limited Edition Winged Bat
  • Limited Edition Gaptooth McGoo
  • Limited Edition Suspicious Fox
  • Limited Edition Indecisive Monster

Bear in mind – this may easily be The Entertainer testing the market with new designs to see if there is potential to carry the line. Or, fingers crossed….. this may be the start of a whole new generation of Fuggler!

We will bring you more information as we get it from our suppliers. Until then, follow us on Facebook for updates, or browse our stock of classic Fugglers!