A brand new series with a very MCU friendly line up is announced.

Marvel writer Jackson Lanzing recently announced the upcoming Thunderbolts Marvel project set to launch in December. This thrilling venture will be led by Bucky Barnes and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, with a formidable team comprising Black Widow, Sharon Carter, White Widow, Red Guardian, U.S.Agent, and Shang-Chi.

Collaborating with Collin Kelly and illustrated by Geraldo Borges, Lanzing took to Twitter to share the news. He expressed, “Bucky Barnes is done playing games. This December, he directs the full weight of Marvel’s espionage heroes towards a single goal: The complete and total annihilation of the Red Skull.” Lanzing emphasized that this new book, different from SENTINEL OF LIBERTY, will serve as an extension of their run on CAPTAIN AMERICA while offering an exciting twist—a series of four operations with different teams featured in each issue. Additionally, readers will be introduced to Lanzing’s unique take on Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, a character he greatly enjoyed writing, promising a shocking secret revelation.

Lanzing and Kelly expressed their fondness for SENTINEL OF LIBERTY while mourning its end. However, they channeled their emotions to craft this epic espionage action story. Notably, they were keen to include Shang-Chi, one of Marvel’s earliest spy-fi heroes, as he embodied the essence of a renegade. The comic aims to explore the power derived from seeking approval solely from one’s moral compass.

Thunderbolts 2023

The Thunderbolts will be a fresh team emerging from the recent Captain America runs, poised to ignite a revolution in the Marvel Universe. Bucky Barnes, now known as the Revolution, possesses a wealth of covert knowledge and is determined to pursue justice relentlessly. He assembles a roster of skilled operatives, including Black Widow, Sharon Carter (also known as Destroyer), White Widow, Red Guardian, U.S.Agent, and Shang-Chi. Under the command of Bucky and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, this group embarks on high-stakes missions to administer long-overdue justice throughout the Marvel Universe.

Operation: Worldstrike is the thrilling endeavor that awaits readers. Continuing their previous work in CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY, Kelly and Lanzing, along with artist Geraldo Borges, will take fans on a whole new journey. The Thunderbolts, composed of a diverse and unpredictable cast from across the Marvel Universe, unite to confront the ultimate symbol of fascism—the Red Skull. This four-part espionage epic promises a unique team dynamic, ever-shifting members, and an unwavering goal: to dismantle a century of Nazi evil with lightning-fast justice.

Fans can anticipate the official cover reveal of the comic at San Diego Comic-Con, where the Thunderbolts’ exciting new chapter will come to life.